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68 km north of Salvador, Brasil

    Diogo and San Antonio Beach

    Right under the Milky Way, third coco tree to the left, follow the turtle for a hundred meters, you are in Diogo. Small paradise on earth preserved from the noise and the crowd, Diogo remains however close to a place where you can live it up! 


    An hour away from the international airport of Salvador, 10 minutes by car of the white nights of Praia do forte and a few steps away from the superb beach of Santo Antonio, Diogo is and will remain a small preserved village offering the tourist of all ages many possibilities as soon they are sensitive to nature, ecology and their preservation.

    In a well vented environnement, come to discover the splendid desert beaches, the white sand dunes , a « rio » with refreshing water and the jungle vegetation that surrounds it, all this in a circle of less than 2 km around the pousada Toocool.

    Santo Antônio

    The beach of Santo Antônio is only 15 minutes walk from the pousada trough white sand dunes reserve.

    On your way, you'll enjoy the silence or the birds singing, you'll be amaised by the surounding vegetation.

    After a rest on the beach and a quick lunch, you'll be able to practice beaches sport like volley, football, kite, kite surf and surf, you'll jump into the waves...

    On you way back, you'll pass by the fisher village of Santo Antônio for a last drink. 

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    Diogo, Bahia, Brasil

    A 69km north of Salvador


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