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68 km north of Salvador, Brasil

    Sophie and Nicolas

    1984, Sophie, 20 years old, student in tourism discovered Brazil.

    It’s love at first sight.




    She starts living in Rio as a guide, but also a bit as « antiquaire » and buisnesswoman.

    At that time, the dream was alredy there : buy a piece of heaven in the state of Bahia, north of Brazil, to build bungalows and offer a haven of peace and relaxation, faithful to the spirit of turism inside nature.


    She buys a first terrain but resell it a few years later : Brazil is in crisis, so is Sophie. She comes back to Brussels where Nicolas is born, Brazil remains a place of rest and holidays.


    In Belgium she keeps on selling travels and witness the evolution of mass turism in Brazil, the places she once loved and knew have changed.

    Nicolas is 7 years old, he alredy has a big travel history when she decides to wake-up. The sleepy dream becomes real when she buys a terrain north of the state Bahia, at the edge of a natural parc where an international program saves turtles. It’s there, after 3 years in Ethiopia, they decide to settle down and share a lifestyle in a place out of the ordinary but on human scale. A pousada where you can rest, relax, have fun but also discover and develop various tools that help for the well-being under the coconut trees.


    2004, Sophies world exist !

    « Too cool na Bahia », offers you 3 bungalows from the 10 planned on the final project.


    2013 : The 10 bungalows are ready.

    Diogo, Bahia, Brasil

    A 69km north of Salvador


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