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68 km north of Salvador, Brasil


    Discover Praia do Forte, imbassai, visit Projecto Tamar and the fort of Garcia D'Avila. Immerse yourself in the natural pools of Papa Gente, whale watching ..

    Take the road to the extreme north of Bahia Eat Seco.

    Visit Salvador, carnival, the Pelourinho, Senor Do Bonfim, Fort Barra ...



    After a few day with us, you'll be missing the people , time to have a walk in the crowded and noizy streets of Praia do Forte. It is one of those village that became a town in a few years as it was the place to be. It is still a beautifull place but lost a bit of the "eco" that made it so famous and looks now like one of the best place in the world to spend your money, drink and dance all night. After a day there you'll be happy to be back in Diogo.

    The same day, visit the castle, the projecto Tamar, make shopping, dive at Papa gente, watch the whales, fly over the area and have supper in fancy restaurant,... 


    At the entrance of the village of Praia do Forte you will find the castle that is currently being restored. Additional details will follow. 


    Since many years, the projecto Tamar is well involve in the preservation of sea turtles.

    Praia do Forte holds one of there most beautiful base with a nice museum and giant aquarium with turles of every age. A must see place ! The baby turtles comes out of their nest in December and January, come to see them.


    They're back! Come and watch them (July to September ) coming around Praia do Fort.

    Take a trip in the sea and observe them having fun with their friends. 


    Ten minutes walk from the center of Praia do Forte, discover those pools when the sea is low, it is  a fantastic place to enjoy a free dive and discover the local sea life . 

    To dive deeper, teachers, guides and equipment available localy


    The Nordest village of the coast of Bahia is Mange Seco.

    Between the river and the sea, the white sand dunes of Mange Seco are perpetually moving.

    Admire the wonderful landscape there, glide on sand surfs, get informed about the struggle of those dunes, have a Buggy ride . 


    Spiritual capital of Brasil, Salvador is definitely a town with a soul. There is a church for each day of the year in Salvador. There you will visit the Centro touristico,Senõho do Bomfim, listen to the magic music of Olodum in the Pelorinho, rest on the beach of Barra.

    During carnaval, the entire city will be involved making Salvador the best street carnaval in the world.

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    Diogo, Bahia, Brasil

    A 69km north of Salvador


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