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68 km north of Salvador, Brasil


    Holidays are often the opportunity to practice a sport.

    No problems. All beach sports are possible.



    Body board, surf, diving mask, flippers and beach tennis racket are some of the accessories available at TooCool.

    The beach is often calm and uncrowded, which is cool to pratice kite and surf.

    A heavenly walk on the beach...

    There are plenty of things to do around Diogo, but first of all....

    Have a rest, relax, enjoy the weather, listen to the birds and discover the generous nature around you.

    The next morning, swin in the river, walk to the sea through the dunes, have you lunch on the beach and enjoy a last drink in Santo Antônio. 

    Discover the beautiful village of Praia do Forte and Imbassaï,visit the Projecto Tamar and the castle of Garcia D'Avila, dive in the natural pools of Papa Gente, experience whale watching...

    Hit the road till the upper end of Bahia in Mange Seco.

    Visit Salvador , the carnaval, the Pelourinho, Senõr Do Bonfim, the fort of Barra,... 


    Down the Pousada follow the footbridge till the river,

    then enjoy a swim in the refreshing water in the middle of nature...

    On your way to the sea

    The beach of Santo Antônio is only 15 minutes walk from the pousada through white sand dunes reserve.

    On your way, you'll enjoy the silence or the birds singing, you'll be amaised by the surounding vegetation.

    After a rest on the beach and a quick lunch, you'll be able to practice beaches sport like football, kite, surf, you'll jump into the waves...

    On you way back, you'll pass by the fisher village of Santo Antônio for a last drink.

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    Diogo, Bahia, Brasil

    A 69km north of Salvador


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